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      Lalabye Baby - Reusable, Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers

      Lalabye Baby provides high-quality, eco-friendly, beautifully designed cloth diapers at an affordable price!


      Lalabye Baby Makes One-Size Cloth Diapers and Wet Diaper Bags

      Lalabye Baby has many different styles of diapers and diaper accessories (such as diaper covers, changing pads, wet bags, and more) that will provide you with everything you would need to make the change from wasteful throw-away standard diapers to eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious cloth diapers.

      Lalabye baby’s Lala Lu Fitted Diaper is exactly what you need for your little one as they fall asleep at the end of a long day of releasing that never-ending energy us moms all are jealous of ;-) It’s also perfect for your heavy-wetter throughout the day! The outside is an extremely soft bamboo velour, with a bamboo interior. Our fitteds all come with an extra-long bamboo insert made of your layers of thirsty fabric which, when folded in half, provides 8 layers of absorbency in addition to the three layers that the outer shell is made out of. This gives you 11 lakers of extra absorbency to prevent leakage and ensure you won’t need to change pants multiple times a day!

      The one-size cloth diaper covers you get from Lalabye Baby has no fabric sewn on the inside - it is only the super-soft flexible (wipeable!) cover TPU (lightweight and water-resistant fabric) on the inside. These covers are designed to be water-resistant shells, not an absorbent diaper. You must add a cloth diaper insert, such as a prefold, bamboo insert, flour sack towel, fitteds, or whatever you want to use! Inserts for Lalabye Baby’s cloth diaper covers are available from at Lil’ Tulips.

      Here are some helpful links to find what you need: One-Size Fitted Cloth Diaper, One-Size Cloth Diaper Cover, Inserts, Newborn Cloth Diaper, Wet/Dry Bags, and Changing Mats.

      The Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers Story of Cloth Diapering

      The owner of Lalabye Baby, Melissa Huynh, began her cloth diapering journey well before she had the idea of making her own diapers. She was a typical mother, interested in cloth diapering, doing her best to find the perfect diaper out there. After trying many different brands, she realized that the diaper of her dreams didn’t exist.

      As she began her research on finding who could help assemble her designs at scale, she was sure to only consider manufacturers and partners that were certified and used only fair labor practices. The quality of the products are always kept to a high standard, requiring rigorous testing by CPSIA, and are always tested by real customers.

      All products are designed in the USA, and they use a local artist as their exclusive print designer 💚 They also employ stay-at-home moms who also use Lalabye Baby cloth diapers.

      You Can Buy Your Favorite Official Lalabye Baby Cloth Diapers at Lil' Tulips ⬇